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SWOLA137 — time for a new colour style

May 27, 2023

#SWOLA137 and I have decided to change the colour style I apply to my videos. I'm not a 'real life colour' kind of guy. This new LUT softens things a bit while also allowing both the blacks and reds to shine. Let's see how this one goes for at least the next few weeks.

Drums were interesting this week. I tryed to create something melodic because the drum pace allowed for it, but I also wanted to keep it as metal as possible. I'm not sure how that went.

My signal chain basics are as follows:

Guitar—Moniker Reedsdale
Interface—Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Plugin—Ampknob RevC and Bassknob STD by @Bogren.Digital (which can be found at

Drums by @OlaEnglund

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