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About Guitar Fascination

Somewhere to share my own passion for all-things guitar

My name is Jason. Online, I’ve been using the handle of Scarebear since at least 1999. I suspect I was using the handle online a little bit earlier, but I’m too old to know for sure. One thing I know for sure is that in the time I’ve been running my Scarebear website, my guitar fascination has become somewhat lost amongst my other interests. Considering guitar content wasn’t added to the website until 2011, the early days of the previous decade were fairly cloudy on that poor website.

Hence this website.

Guitar Fascination is my new home for all of the articles, videos, and music that I discover and create—there shouldn’t be much of that content creating as I’m quite lazy. Either way, if it’s related to either guitars or heavy metal music—my personal favourite style of guitar playing—then it now has a home here.

The plan for this website is to share quality content that I discover through the multiple RSS feeds I subscribe to, social channels I follow, and email newsletters I subscribe to. I’ll do that by posting blog articles—I’m not the world’s greatest writer, but I love the process anyway—or by sharing links through my own social channels. I’m a believer in the saying Sharing is caring.

If you’re interested in following any of my Guitar Fascination social channels—thank you in advance—then you can do so by clicking any of the links below.

Guitar Fascination social accounts

Fun fact … After securing the Guitar Fascination domain and multiple social channels, I discovered that Twitter handles have a character limit—hence the GtrFascination handle there. Feel free to learn from my mistakes when setting up your own online brand/identity.

If you feel the need to engage or ask questions, feel free to do so on any of the social channels above, through comments on this website, or by contacting me on this website’s Contact page.

I hope you enjoy the content.