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5 awesome options for finding the right plectrum

If you’re new to playing guitar, then you may not realise the importance of finding the right plectrum. Even if you’ve been playing guitar for a long time, there are always new innovations coming out in the guitar accessories realm. For example, Amazon has over 9000 listings for guitar accessories! It’s so easy to get lost in all of the choices. This post shows five awesome options for finding the right plectrum.

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My 10 favourite albums of 2021

I should start this list with a few disclaimers. Firstly, where I’m from, favourite has a U in it. Sorry online grammar checker! Secondly, these are purely my personal 10 favourite albums of 2021. This isn’t supposed to be interpreted as some kind of best-of list. I don’t believe I have the qualifications to attempt to rank something like musical ability or quality. Music is interpretive. That’s one of the reasons it’s so awesome.

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The EXPlosive 2021 Gibson Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP

There were a lot of things I craved in 2021. One was an end to the pandemic that will most likely never end. Another was an end to the incredibly stressful working year I endured. Neither of those things looks like they’ll get better any time soon. However, Gibson did release the Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP and it was all I hoped for.

Well, almost. I hoped to get one, but it seems that is what 2022 may be for.

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