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My visit to Prestige Guitars and the birth of a custom guitar build

Hello, fellow guitar fans and heavy metal enthusiasts! I recently had an incredible opportunity that I am thrilled to share with all of you here at Guitar Fascination. Yes, it involves some serious guitar candy—a sneak peek into the world of custom guitar crafting at Prestige Guitars in Vancouver, Canada. Plus, I have some exciting news about my new custom guitar build!

The Prestige Guitars Factory Tour Experience

Walking into the Prestige Guitars factory was like stepping into a guitarist’s dream workshop. The air buzzed with the sound of saws and sanders, each contributing to crafting what could only be described as masterpieces in wood and strings. The smell of freshly cut timber mixed with a sense of creativity filled the space, truly a sensory delight for someone who lives and breathes guitars.

The team at Prestige Guitars was incredibly welcoming, walking me through each step of their meticulous process. It’s one thing to play a great guitar, but watching one come to life from mere pieces of wood is something else entirely. From selecting the perfect wood to the final setup, every step is infused with dedication. It’s inspiring to see how tradition blends seamlessly with innovative techniques to create instruments that are not only visually stunning but sound phenomenal as well.

Take a look at some of the photos I managed to take when I wasn’t containing my inner-child’s excitement.

The Journey of My Custom Build

During my visit, I also took a significant step—I ordered my very own custom guitar from Prestige Guitars! Imagine being able to choose every detail; from the shape and color to picking out unique inlays that scream your style. For any guitarist harboring dreams of their perfect instrument, this was a moment filled with adrenaline and joy.

I decided to go for something that allowed the wood I had chosen to truly shine. I had seen a Master Built Open Pore Black Burst guitar on the Prestige Guitars website and instantly fell in love with how the guitar’s Burl Maple top wasn’t attempting to hide the wood’s natural imperfections (if you’d like to call them that). My custom guitar build is taking that approach to another level.

Throughout this process, I’ve been receiving progress photos (which you can check out below), and let me tell you, each update adds an extra beat to my heart! Watching your custom guitar come to life is truly like watching your child grow up—emotional and boundlessly exciting.

I am absolutely in love with this guitar top. I have never seen a guitar like this and I think it’s captured the beauty of the wood perfectly. As the custom guitar build progresses, I hope to provide further updates here on the Guitar Fascination website. There will undoubtedly be a video on my YouTube channel when this guitar is shipped to me and opened for the first time. I cannot wait for that day to arrive.

Why a custom guitar build?

Opting for a custom guitar build at Prestige Guitars isn’t just about owning another guitar; it’s about creating something that resonates on a personal level—your sound sculpted your way. While not everyone might pursue such bespoke treasures due to budget constraints or even Guitar Acquisition Syndrome (yes, it’s real!), witnessing how these beauties are made can inspire any musician.

Wrapping Up

So whether you’re saving up for that special piece or just enjoying vicariously through posts like this one, remember there’s joy in every part of our guitar journeys.

Stay tuned for updates on my custom build journey with Prestige Guitars—I can hardly wait for its completion when I get to share more than just photos but sounds!

And if you ever get a chance for a Prestige Guitars factory tour, take it. It’s not just educational; seeing how passion translates into instruments we love so dearly is inspirational.

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