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Sawtooth Guitars—now available in Australia

Ever since I discovered Michael Angelo Batio had signature guitars at Sawtooth Guitars, I became interested in the brand. From everything I can see, these look to be very affordable, quality guitars. When I discovered that Sawtooth Guitars are now available in Australia, I had to investigate further. Here are five Sawtooth Guitars models that have already caught my eye.

Before I get too far into this article, I will point one thing out for first-time visitors to my website. I am very fond of guitars that are black, white, or a beautiful combination of both. The guitars I’ve selected below either fall into one of those categories, or come very close.

Onto the list!

Sawtooth Guitars—five that caught my eye

Sawtooth Heritage M24 7-String

Did I mention that I love black? This guitar ticks so many amazing boxes. It’s all black. It has that extra seventh string for those low, low notes that modern metal relies on and it has the Floyd Rose tremolo. It even has Fishman Fluence pickups!

There are 24 frets and a contoured body so you can easily get to all of those lovely frets. All of that for only $799.98 AUD at the time of posting this article. Soooo tempting.

Sawtooth 6 String ST-M24

The Sawtooth Guitars ST-M24 is a simpler beast. It also comes with 24 frets, but features a more traditional tremolo system. For Stratocaster lovers who still want to get their humbucking rocks off, this is an excellent-looking guitar to get your hands on.

At the time of posting, this guitar is selling for $379.98 AUD. I sure wish this existed when I was buying my first electric guitar.

Sawtooth 6 String Vudu 22 Fret Floyd Rose FRX

I have no idea what is going on with the tremolo on this guitar, but I like it. I’ve never really been a fan of gold hardware on a guitar, but I have to say that if you commit to it and make just about everything you can gold, it works. The Sawtooth Guitars 6 String Vudu 22 Fret Floyd Rose FRX is a classy-looking guitar.

The humbucker pickups are by Sawtooth and the machine heads are Grover tuners. This guitar is currently selling for $899.98 AUD and comes with a gig bag. That is a lot of bang for under a grand.

Sawtooth Heritage Series Maple Top

More gold hardware—including the volume and tone controls on this model—and I’m still liking it. Perhaps Sawtooth Guitars is converting me.

The Sawtooth Guitars Heritage Series Maple Top is similar to the 6 String Vudu 22 Fret Floyd Rose FRX, just without the fancy tremolo. I do not believe the machine heads are Grover tuners, nor does this guitar come with a case. Having said that, it is currently selling for only $449.98 AUD. Still a bargain.

Sawtooth 6 String ES Hybrid

Okay, not a white guitar, but look at that pickup setup! This is a combination of the three single coil pickups you would expect to see on a Stratocaster and the two humbuckers you would expect to see on most super-strats.

According to the official ES Hybrid Series webpage, this guitar comes with 23 different pickup sounds. That’s both crazy and cool! This model comes with an old-school tremolo—at least that’s what I like to call them—and more switches than most mere mortals have previously contemplated on a guitar. Michael Angelo Batio however, is not your average guitar-playing mere mortal.

I think this is an awesome concept. For $599.98 AUD, I am seriously considering this guitar

Not available in Australia, but cool!

Sawtooth ST-M24

While investigating the Sawtooth Guitars range, I did come across one guitar that doesn’t appear to have made the Australian market that I am a little bummed about. The Sawtooth ST-M24 is a cool-looking super-strat.

24 frets of awesome on a black body with black block fret inlays with a fixed bridge. I’m not a great guitarist, so I normally stick to what I know. Fixed bridge chugging is what I’m about. This guitar looks perfect for that.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the Australian Amazon store in hopes of one day spotting this model for sale. Credit card, you have been warned.

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