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SWOLA144 — I should use more strings

July 15, 2023

#SWOLA144 kept me coming back to my old groove/funk style. I tried, but the beats just kept on making me groove. I also thought I'd use the video to explain my usual process a bit more as well. I mostly record four guitar audio tracks and three camera angles. The camera footage is the same as heard in three of the tracks.

I pan two tracks 100% left and right and the other two tracks 60% left and right. I also widen the stereo differently on both sets of guitar tracks. My thinking is that this has their tones sitting in a different space to the drums and bass. I'm not an expert, but that's my approach.

My signal chain basics are as follows:

Guitar—Fender Stratocaster
Bass—Monterey PJ
Interface—Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Plugins—BX Rockergain for the guitars and BassKnob STD for the bass

Drums by @OlaEnglund

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