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8 reasons to buy another guitar

Let me start by saying that there shouldn’t be a need for an article like this. There’s really only one reason to buy another guitar. That reason?

You need another guitar.

Fairly simple. Should that not work for the person you perhaps need to convince of the desired purchase, let me help you point out the very important reasons for that necessary purchase you’re planning.

Before I get into the list, let me explain a bit about myself. I started this journey into writing about my guitar fascination around 2011 on my website—it had been many things before that. In the earlier days, my content was always about new discoveries I’d made. Those topics covered new guitar companies, innovations in the guitar realm and the advancements made in the iOS space for guitarists.

These days, I’ve slowed down with the purchases and the blogging about things guitar-related on the Scarebear website—hence this website. Feel free to learn more about this website after you’ve read this article. Not before. The good stuff is on this page.

To the website visitors, the recent changes may have seemed like a sign that my guitar fascination has faded. Silly people.

There’s always that little voice in the back of my head that’s telling me things like “Pssstt … You need another guitar”, “You don’t have to sell an existing guitar, just go without food for a month and save the money you need for that next guitar” or “Don’t even consider that coloured guitar. You only buy black or white guitars”.

I of course know that it’s just a voice in my head. But I also know it’s right. That’s why this list was so easy for me to create and share here. So let’s get to it.

Eight reasons to buy another guitar.

Here we go. Starting with reason number one …

Guitars … travel not required

Some hobbies—like travel—can be seriously costly due to requirements like travel expenses. Have you ever added all of those individual costs up? Airfares, accommodation, passports, transit costs, tourist traps and food. It’s not cheap. Guitars aren’t like that. Guitars are there for you. They respect your desire to stay home and get enjoyment from the comfort of your home.

Chances are there’s a brick and mortar guitar store within driving distance of your home base. Even if there isn’t, guitars have you covered. You can buy guitars online and have them shipped to your location.

Guitars for the win.

But it’s not all about the money and the convenience. Luckily guitars have more going for them than just that. They’re also good for you.

Guitars … non fattening

Guitars care about your dietary requirements. They won’t judge you for not being able to tolerate gluten, dairy or any other food type. Coeliac? Guitars don’t care. They’re very non-judgmental.

I’ve also never heard someone say “What is that?! Your fourth guitar?! You’re seriously starting to put some weight on there buddy!” Seriously, look at most of your favourite guitarists. They’re fit!

Thanks guitars.

But just as guitars won’t judge you for your dietary restrictions, they don’t care what you want to plug them into.

Guitars … device agnostic

As I mentioned earlier, I once wrote about a lot of iOS innovation for the guitar. But what if you don’t use iOS? Maybe you want to plug your guitar into an Android device. Maybe you’re using a PC or a Mac for your digital recording? Guitars don’t care. As long as your interface can take a standard guitar cable/lead, they’ll do their thing.

Maybe you’re old school. Maybe you want to plug your guitar into a real-world amplifier. Chances are your guitar will thank you for doing this. But at the end of the day, guitars will even let you enjoy them unplugged—acoustic or electric.

Guitars don’t care. They’re there for you. They’re even your friend if you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Please leave your tools away from your guitar unless you really know what you’re doing.

Guitars … degree not required

Sure, you can go to some fancy school for musicians. Maybe you’ll find a real school of rock. But if you don’t, your guitar won’t judge you. Your guitar just wants you to have a good time.

Bright and dull people alike can enjoy the benefits of another guitar. Joy is something that all intellects can experience. Guitars just make it easier for us all.

Seriously … Have you ever been to a concert and heard someone scream out “Do you even have a license for that!?!” or “You’re good, but I have more music degrees than you!”

If you do hear that, chances are the weirdo saying these things isn’t a guitarist. It’s best to ignore them and avoid eye contact. You’ll live longer—which takes us to reason five in this list of reasons to buy another guitar.

Guitars … no need for a physical exam

Have you ever applied for a new job and been asked to take a physical exam? Perhaps you’re considering a life insurance policy that also requires a physical exam. Guitars will never ask you to do that. Possibly because they know they’ll make you mentally fit and certainly never make you physically unfit.

Not on their own anyway. If you’re going to be a lazy sloth, then perhaps you’re not going to be playing much guitar anyway. Either way, guitars will never set such unfair physical expectations on you. They’re too chilled for that.

Matter of a fact, they’re so chilled, they’ll never be all judgmental at any stage or under any circumstance.

Guitars … they say “party hard if you need to”

You’ve hopefully worked out by now that guitars are basically your best friend. But not in a creepy movie thriller kind of way. You could go out all night with one of your other guitars and they won’t care. Maybe you’ll come home with a new guitar—good for you by the way—and your guitar will not care. Come to think of it, your existing guitar/s probably want you to buy another guitar!

Your guitar is always happy for you. It will never be waiting up for you as you stumble into the house at 3 am. Nope. Come 11 am, your guitar is ready when you are. If it could make you breakfast it would.

If you have those dairy and gluten intolerances I mentioned earlier, it would make you the greatest maize and coconut pancakes you’ve ever had. If it could. Just know it’s probably wishing it could do that for you right now.

Guitars are basically thoughtful and intelligent.

Guitars … they like both sides of your brain

As mentioned with reason four, guitars don’t care if you’re not a rocket scientist. But, they are OK if you are one. Many people don’t know this, but the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body while the right side of the brain controls the left hand side of the body. One side is also logical while the other side is more creative.

The ideal guitarist can combine technique with creativity. You can perfect either—depending on your preferred side of the brain—and you’ll be fine. Either side … your guitar is happy. As long as you are.

Obviously you need to combine your left and right arms to play the guitar. So regardless of your intellect, your guitar will help you use both sides to varying degrees.

Thanks guitars!

Guitars … they like the indoors and the outdoors

So we get to reason number eight. As I’ve already stated in several of the previous seven reasons for you needing another guitar, guitars are care free. You could buy another electric guitar or another acoustic guitar and no matter where you play it, it’s going to be as happy as you are. Indoors? No worries. Outdoors? Equally fine.

Obviously there are limitations. Guitars have boundaries. Under water? Not cool! Too close to a camp fire? Don’t be an idiot. If you’re uncomfortable, so is your guitar. If you can’t breath, neither can your guitar.

Guitars can’t breath, but you hopefully get my point.


There you have it. Sure, I could have written about sensible reasons like ‘Guitars make ANYONE cool’ or ‘This guitar is different from my other guitars for [insert technical point of difference that only a guitarist will understand here]’ but nobody is going to endorse or approve your impending guitar purchase for any of those reasons. Nope. Get creative, but be honest. You need another guitar because in this age, we all need something that brings nothing negative.

That’s what guitars are. 100% positivity. Go get yourself some. You deserve to buy another guitar.

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