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Manufacturers of custom plectrums

I’ve had custom plectrums made before and they’ve been awesome. I’ve shipped some of my custom plectrums to friends around the world. I simply love custom plectrums.

Seeing as how I’ve changed my Scarebear branding since I last ordered a batch of custom plectrums, I thought I’d better see what custom plectrum manufacturers were out there. Perhaps it’s time to order myself a new batch.

Here are the companies I’ve discovered and am considering using.

Grover Allman

When I’ve had custom plectrums made before, I’ve always used Grover Allman. I’ve always been 100% satisfied as well. Now that I think about it, I’ve been wearing a Grover Allman rubber wristband since around 2016. I like what they do.

Their range is simply amazing. Glow-in-the-dark plectrums? They’ve got them. Printed custom plectrums? Etched plectrums? Tru Grip plectrums? They’ve honestly got them all. A lot of their plectrums can be ordered with your own branding or design on one or two sides.

The folks at Grover Allman also make a mean leather guitar strap. Take it from me, they’re awesome.

Grover Allman custom plectrum manufacturer

Custom Guitar Picks

The name says it all really. Custom Guitar Picks make custom guitar picks. One thing that appeals to me with this company is that they are also Australian-based. I’m Australian, so we all win.

Their website’s ability to upload your artwork in the Design area and place it on the plectrum is impressive too. Being able to also customise a tin for up to 100 plectrums is seriously tempting as well.

Custom Guitar Picks also allows you to scale your quantity, print options and other finishing touches up and down to see how the final price is impacted.

The fact that they also have different plectrum materials, textures and glow-in-the-dark opportunities is pleasing.

Custom plectrums from Custom Guitar Picks

Clayton Custom Guitar Picks

Clayton Custom Guitar Picks is based in the United States of America. Luckily for me, they also have Australian prices on their website. They also have similar plectrum shapes and material options for users to select from. Clayton Custom Guitar Picks may actually have the greatest range when it comes to material types.

From what I can tell, their prices for folks like me in Australia aren’t too dissimilar to the Australian suppliers listed above.

Their online custom plectrum designer is a beautiful experience as well. I’m also not hating the potential placement of my brand in their online designer as seen below.

Custom plectrums from Clayton Custom Guitar Picks


D’Addario. You may have heard of them. Well, they also allow you to create your own custom plectrums on their range of plectrums. Of all the options in this list, D’Addario is probably the brand you’ve perhaps already used—if you haven’t ordered your own plectrums before.

From an online ordering perspective, they also have a very user-friendly plectrum designer that allows you to upload your own images, colour them and place them on the plectrum exactly where you’d like them. The only down side I can see is that they don’t seem to have a way to guarantee you’ve placed your image in the horizontal centre once you resize or move your uploaded image.

Still … it’s easy to get close and the plectrum material/shape options are plentiful.

Custom plectrums from D'Addario


Based in the Netherlands, OwnGuitarPicks offers similar offerings to the previously mentioned options as well as custom wood plectrums you can have text—possibly imagery—engraved into.

For the more traditional plectrum offerings, the services seem similar to the other providers in this list. Their custom online plectrum designer is good and includes the ability to ensure horizontal alignment when you alter image positioning.

The other custom branding options on the OwnGuitarPicks site are well worth a visit as well. Who wouldn’t want a custom printed pickguard for their guitar?!

Custom plectrums by OwnGuitarPicks

Custom plectrums summary

There seems to be options in several continents. For many people this hopefully means a localised or affordable postage solution. Depending on those international exchange rates and postage options, I have several decent options to choose from. Let the pondering begin.

Let me know below if I missed an option you’re familiar with. Otherwise, who would you pick?

Pun intended.

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