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New Stratus guitar pedal—1st guitar pedal in space

Well, there’s a title I never thought I’d type. Who sends a guitar pedal into space? Chaos Audio does. That’s who. They’re the first company to send a guitar pedal into space and they did it with their Stratus guitar pedal.

It’s a seriously cool and impressive video to watch.

From what I’ve seen on the Chaos Audio website, the Stratus pedal itself is an impressive piece of gear—even if it hadn’t been sent to space. Their video for sending the pedal into space is even more impressive. I do not know why, but I found the footage truly mesmerising.

If I were in the USA—home of Chaos Audio—I’d say it was mesmerizing. But, I’m not. So the S stays ?

Stratus guitar pedal

Anyhow, the Status pedal appears to be a physical pedal that connects to a digital pedalboard which is in a phone app. One pedal with multiple pedals within it. Pretty cool (like space is). I look forward to seeing more of this pedal once it launches.

Oh! Launches. I get the connection now!

Cool concept. Cooler promotional video. Seriously. Go watch the video.

At the time of writing this article, the pedal is in a pre-order phase with delivery expected before Xmas (for the USA I assume). The pedal is selling for $399 (also USD I assume).

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