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Solar Guitars Type T

The new Solar Guitars Type T has been released and it’s a thing of beauty. There’s even an option for those who don’t love black guitars. Although, why?!

As someone who has two Telecaster-style guitars already, I understand their versatility. Setup correctly, they can play clean, country, blues, rock or metal. As a metal lover, the Solar Guitars T offerings are perfect.

That classic body shape is there, but the pointy reversed headstock that features on many a Solar Guitars offering makes it clear what these guitars are designed for. The humbucker options only emphasise the intended audience.

Even the scratch plate is pointy. I love this guitar a lot. Have I mentioned that yet?

I’ve often clarified to my wife that there are so many differences in so many guitars—which was one of the reasons I felt the need to write about the 12 reasons you need another guitar. The T1.6C model—as pictured at the top of this article—includes options I’m yet to experience or own.

Those options are:

  • Duncan Solar pickups
  • Luminlay ‘glow in the dark’ side dots on the neck
  • Evertune ‘F type’ tailpiece
  • 5-way pickup selector on a twin humbucker setup
  • Matt black finish

That last option surprises me. I should own a matt black guitar by now. Anyhow …

I’ve been tempted to get something from Solar Guitars for quite some time now. This just makes the eventual decision a lot trickier.

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