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Getting to know the author—part 2

I know I mentioned my lack of recording ability in the first part of this Getting to know the author series. Well, part 2 of this series is proof of that. I am working on improving this though.

Back in 2016, I set myself a small challenge. I would attempt to play and then record, a daily riff from the Megadeth catalogue of awesome riffs. Stupidly, I chose October as the month to perform this challenge. I really should have chosen February as there are fewer days.

Having said that, Megatober sounds better than Megaruary.

All of the guitar recordings I made were with a phone camera and the guitar/amplifier combination was not professionally connected to an interface for professional audio quality. That’s the part I continue to work on.

Perhaps I’ll revisit this challenge later this year. I can now record audio through one of two interfaces I own and I have the ability to record audio through an iOS device. I can even create a play-along style video through video/audio editing. How times have changed.

In the meantime, see my passion from 2016 over on I apologise for the lack of recording and playing skills. I believe I’ve mentioned that already.

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