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Guitar play through by Jinjer

One of my favourite themes on YouTube is the official guitar play through. Today I want to share this guitar play through of the track Judgement (& Punishment) by Jinjer guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov.

If you watched the first guitar play through I shared on this site, you’ll hopefully see that I have a musical preference. That preference can be summed up as either technically proficient metal guitar or guitar I’ll never be able to play. Both are accurate for me.

I first came across Jinjer’s guitar play through videos when researching the Another 52 guitars series I wrote on my website. The guitar in question then was the OD Guitars Venus. It’s such a beautiful guitar.

It’s a guitar that Roman plays perfectly. His versatility of sound and playing style always impresses me. Take a look and a listen for yourself.

Stay tuned for more guitar play through videos to come. Maybe there’s even a less impressive opportunity for me to add my own to this site one day. We’ll see.

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