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Guitar play through by Andy James

I’m not sure how many entries I’ll end up having in this guitar play through series, but I know it can’t end without a video by Andy James. I’ve been a fan of Andy’s guitar playing for years. Hopefully, this example helps explains why.

Andy James’ guitar playing is incredibly accurate. His speed is impressive, but to me, it’s not as impressive as his ability to create riffs and solos that are insanely melodic. This isn’t shredding for the sake of shredding. This is an ability to show off some guitar chops while also showing off an ability to write very good music.

Andy James—for those who may not have heard of him yet—is currently the lead guitarist of the band Five Finger Death Punch. He’s released a lot of seriously impressive solo guitar instrumental music and has also educated plenty of aspiring guitarists through his Andy James Guitar Academy.

He also has a very decent YouTube following. That’s where you’ll find guitar play through videos such as this ripper.

If you want to see more guitar play through videos featuring Andy James, I strongly recommend his video on the official EMGtv channel. The track In the Fading Light is mind-blowingly good viewing/listening.

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