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Guitar play through by Mark Holcomb of Periphery

What could be better than another guitar play through video? How about a video shot inside a warehouse where the awesome Seymour Duncan pickups are manufactured. Yep. That should do it.

This is another guitar play through video that entertains with some very precise distorted guitar tones and some very clean, melodic parts thrown in for good measure. The composition from start to finish is just beautiful.

It doesn’t hurt that the Paul Reed Smith guitar Mark is playing is a thing of beauty as well.

I’m particularly impressed with the brilliant mixing of incredibly fast, low E chugging and wholesome full melodic and distorted chords. The highs and lows are sublime.

Who knew that metal guitar could be more than power chords and ripping guitar solos?

Well, I did. I just can’t do all the things these guitarists I’m featuring can do. Still, they bring me joy. That’s what guitars should do, right?


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