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The OMEC Teleport audio interface guitar pedal

I love it when new gear is introduced to the guitar community. There are so many clever people out there continuing to bring innovation to the realm of guitar playing. The OMEC Teleport audio interface guitar pedal looks to be the next piece of innovative gear I’m going to have to buy.

I’ll eventually upload fresh content to this new blog to showcase some of the guitar pedals I already own. That content will hopefully explain my serious excitement for this new guitar pedal discovery.

All being well, the OMEC Teleport is going to find its way onto my main pedalboard in the coming months not because I have a guitar gear problem—even though I do—no, this pedal I am seeing as a must-have because it’s unique and beneficial at the same time.

I mean, it’s an audio interface for your favourite digital recording platform—PC, Mac, phone, or tablet—that sits at the end of your current pedalboard!

While audio interfaces have been around and available for guitar players for years, they often come with reliability on specific drivers or software requirements. The OMEC Teleport doesn’t have those requirements. The OMEC Teleport comes with ADC/DAC converters—through a USB connector—allowing guitarists to convert their analog sounds to the digital formats computers require for recording and playback.

The pedal enclosure also allows you to plug into an amplifier and/or mixing desk as you normally could while playing guitar through a pedalboard. You can hear your rig and capture the same sounds directly to your computer. That’s just awesome.

Your mono input gets converted to stereo as well.

Another way of using the pedal is to bring the digital effects from applications such as IK Multimedia’s Amplitube into your analog setup. It’s worth mentioning that you get a license to the IK Multimedia Orange Amps software when you purchase the OMEC Teleport.

This setup then allows guitarists to record their guitar sound into applications such as Amplitube.

The OMEC Teleport also doesn’t require the desk space that many traditional audio interfaces require. Think of how much cleaner your desk will appear with that reclaimed space ?

For me, I’m thinking that future video recordings for YouTube just got a whole lot easier!

The ease that an interface design like this provides YouTubers who test and review guitar pedals is amazing. As someone who would like to give that a go one day, this guitar pedal would simplify that recording process significantly.

The process I am imagining is a little like this …

Guitar > Guitar pedal being tested > OMEC Teleport > Amplitube Orange amplifier (clean channel) > Recording software.

I can’t wait to take one for a spin.

The pedal has been made available through the folks at Orange Amps (who recently released an awesome-looking electric guitar as well). Soon people could have an entire guitar rig by Orange Amps ?

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