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The awesome Wes Borland 4-string bass/guitar hybrid

Any time I think about getting a new guitar, I go looking for something that brings something different to the existing collection. The Wes Borland 4-string bass/guitar hybrid that Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars has created ticks more of those something new boxes than most guitars on the market currently.

PRS recently interviewed Wes Borland and that interview shows the guitar they’ve been collaborating with Wes on. I honestly think that if it were anyone else, I’d think the guitar was purely a bass guitar with a weird string combination. But, having admired Wes’ riffing style for many years now, I can see this hybrid approach doing so much more.

Imagine the drop tuning riffage that a guitar like this could create. If you want to be the lowest riffmaster out there, this is probably your guitar. Having said that, the addition of the whammy bar brings so much to this guitar’s capability listing.

According to Wes, the guitar is perfect for AADG or F#F#BE tunings. So, so low.

The pickup configuration is unusual too. There is a humbucker in the bridge position and a humbucker paired with a single-coil in the standard neck position. These kinds of additions truly make me think that some form of lead work was being considered when scoping this guitar. This again makes this guitar so much more than an oddly tuned/strung bass guitar.

The overall design has that classy PRS Guitars look to it and the early shots all appear to indicate that the guitar is coming in black. That right there is a win for me.

I look forward to seeing what happens when/if this guitar gets released to the masses. In a time when people are adding strings to their arsenal—with the likes of 7-string or 8-string guitars—it’s refreshing to see someone buck the trend and essentially say “I only need these four”.

That’s worth pointing out as well in my opinion.

Wes could have gone down a path similar to the path the Presidents of the United States (the band) did when they played regular guitars/basses but with fewer strings. I could see Wes doing that. But instead, he and PRS Guitars have taken the more difficult route and attempted to create something unique. Something to fulfill a very specific task.

I’m 100% here for that.

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