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3 Guitar play through videos by Jesse Cash (ERRA)

When I first started writing this series of YouTube guitar play through videos that I’d come across, there was one video that made me think of the series concept. That video was for the ERRA track Snowblood by Jesse Cash.

I only discovered the band ERRA this year. Sorry about that ERRA. I can say though, that there is a lot of intricate guitar playing in these ERRA tracks that is easy for you to miss when you are listening to the final mix of all instruments.

I love their last two albums—I’m working my way back through their catalogue—and I can honestly say that the recent guitar play through video series that ERRA guitarist Jesse Cash has been releasing on the official ERRA YouTube channel has made me appreciate the band more than I already had when initially listening to their music as originally released.

As I mentioned at the onset of this article, Snowblood was what first got my attention. Take a look and see/hear why.

That is some serious guitar fretboard usage. I’m fairly sure all frets from 0 to 24 are used in this track. As if that weren’t impressive enough, Jesse is playing a seven string guitar as well. Oh, if you haven’t listened to the album versions of this track before, it’s worth pointing out that Jesse handles a decent amount of ERRA‘s vocal duties.

While playing this style of guitar.

Now, if this were any other article in this series, I’d wrap up around now. But, as this article title implies, the Jesse Cash guitar play though article is a series unto itself. You see, Jesse and ERRA have been releasing a steady flow of guitar play through videos from the latest self-titled album by ERRA.

Guitar fans of the world rejoice!

I won’t embed them all here, but I will share a couple of others from the seven I’m aware of so far. Firstly, Vanish Canvas.

There is so much fretboard and picking accuracy going on in this song. I find it mesmerising to watch. It’s a slower song than Snowblood, but it’s equally as impressive to watch. There are some beautiful finger tapping sequences in that track.

The final track I’ll include here is a faster tempo song, but as impressive to watch as both tracks already shared here. The track is called Gungrave.

The brutal distorted tones. The chugging. The clean tones. That insanity at the 3:11 mark. Gungrave is a guitar masterpiece and it’s a delight to watch being played by the man who put the pieces together.

I highly recommend watching all of the official guitar play through videos on the ERRA YouTube channel. The guitar content is reason enough. The video lighting and film quality is an added bonus.

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