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Guitar play through by Mike Stringer (Spiritbox)

Continuing with my recent series of guitar play through videos that inspire me on YouTube, is this piece of brilliance by Mike Stringer from the band Spiritbox.

Mike is another guitarist whose technical proficiency is astounding. When I say another guitarist, I’m adding him to the list of other guitarists in this series. I’m not suggesting I am also technically proficient at the guitar. Goodness no.

Mike is also mesmerising to watch. Well, he is for me at least.

If you’ve never seen Mike’s guitar playing before, I can’t recommend him enough. The video below is a great example of his diversity. You should also check out the official video for the Spiritbox song Belcarra. Mike’s string bend accuracy around the 18-second mark of that video still blows my mind.

In the following track—Blessed Be—you will see amazing volume control, string bends, harmonics and incredibly accurate/technical guitar playing. I’m not any of those things as a guitarist, but it’s a delight to watch someone who is.

Take a stroll through the Spiritbox YouTube channel and discover an amazingly diverse guitar player. Enjoy!

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